If you’re a successful, experienced woman
with dreams of transformational altruism & creative expression
you can …





And do it all at once, by learning from
legendary real estate maverick Deb Cleveland:


You’ve already achieved astronomical success in your career… but now you’re ready for the next phase. You’re craving something fulfilling and significant, an endeavor that will allow you to leverage your talents, wisdom, and assets for the greater good.

You’ve got investment savvy, deep creativity, and endless ambition. You want these next years to be meaningful and enjoyable, but profitable, too.

And you’ve always believed you’d be a dynamo at flipping homes, owning multiple properties, and choosing sagacious real estate investments … but not just for financial gain. When you let this daydream unfurl, you envision yourself applying your talents to overlooked neighborhoods and breathing new life into them through renovations and revitalizations.

Post-retirement dream, meet the woman who will bring you to fruition:

I’m Deb Cleveland, and if you work with me, I’ll show you how to build a meaningful legacy in struggling small communities, and unleash your flair for design as a fixer-flipper. I work with a hand-picked, elite group of women, mentoring  them privately to become unmatched real estate investors and big-hearted community builders.

If you are one of the lucky few who are accepted to work with me privately, we’ll make all of your real estate dreams come true.  

And we’ll have SO MUCH FUN doing it!

If we’re a good fit, you’ll be invited to apply to participate in my transformational revolution, Small Town Dynasty. This intensive and exclusive mentorship allows me to pass along my unique knowledge around turning small towns into bustling, family-friendly communities … a process that can save tiny, unloved towns from economic oblivion. My mentees learn to completely transform houses through creative flipping, embracing the importance of building strong ties with local residents, and creating profits in the process. Many of these women buy rental properties as investments, but also so they can offer beautiful and safe homes to families who otherwise could not afford them.

Since I only work with the most savvy, dedicated, and talented women, everyone who is interested in learning with me must pass through a rigorous screening process. If you’d like to learn more, please fill out an application to get the process rolling.

If you are passionate, qualified, and a perfect fit, you will be invited to interview with our team. And if you are chosen to work with me, a new and rewarding life of creative investment will be at your fingertips!

I can’t wait to help you change your life, one property, one small town at a time.

Deb Cleveland

Deb is an invaluable source as a teacher and coach when it comes to real estate investing.

— Sara


All of my clients learn to embrace their creativity, cultivate financial independence, and transform their beloved local communities through fixing and flipping properties. And every single one of them must have a natural talent for investment, real estate, design, and supporting small town neighborhoods … as well as ambition, dedication, and drive.

Is that YOU?
Do you find yourself drooling over available properties?
Are you eager to apply your skills and time to create transformational impact?
Do you know deep down in your soul that owning property is the
best way to invest your hard-earned money?
Are you just itching to experience the thrill of buying, renovating, 
and flipping your first house?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, apply to work with me this instant

Business Advisor
Real Estate Mentor

Deb Cleveland is a 7-figure entrepreneur and real estate investor who mentors women by teaching them to prosper from doing meaningful work as fixer & flippers and real estate investors.

Not your typical property investor, Deb focuses on the residential part of community revitalization. She has single-handedly flipped more than 400 units, and maintains over 80 rental properties to date. With small town roots in Rochester, NY, Deb specializes in creating warm, colourful, and affordable designer homes for first-time home buyers in small town communities. She has the rare and remarkable ability to transform fringe markets into bustling, family-friendly suburbs.

Best known for her work across the Fingerlakes region of Upstate New York, Deb’s community renaissance projects have also won her the title of “The Queen of Geneva, NY.”  She takes great pride in subverting the typical “heartless landlord” stereotype by taking great care of her tenants and building successful long-term relationships with the community.

I always dreamed of owning property. Deb taught me how to find, evaluate, negotiate and creatively buy real estate. I am a beginner that needed the guidance and support that Deb’s program offered.

— Melissa


Every single one of my clients is an accomplished woman with a natural affinity for real estate. They know that learning the ins and outs of this business will take some time, and they embrace that learning curve with open arms. This exclusive group of ambitious and driven women are committed to understanding the intricacies and ethics of real estate, setting up sustainable work systems, and making choices that minimize time and maximize results.

No shortcuts and no inertia; we work hard together.

As for the Small Town Dynasty mentorship in particular, I’m determined to focus this highly selective program on the top applicants who are deeply passionate about the business AND community aspects of real estate investment. Plenty of investors look at the housing market as a money-maker and ignore its human side.

That’s just not how I operate. 

I’ve invested in dozens of rental properties and believe that it’s my responsibility to care for and keep in touch with my tenants. My superpower is revitalizing ailing communities through strategic real estate investment. I adore investing and building wealth, but I also love people!

And I want my mentees to have the same philosophy. 

Whether you’d like to become one of my mentees through Small Town Dynasty or are eager to discuss other ambitions, I want to hear about your real estate goals and dreams. 

Then, we can start planning to make them come true.


What’s Your Biggest, Most Audacious Real Estate Dream?

With me as your mentor, you can accomplish your goals and dreams…
while creating a lasting and meaningful impact.

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